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Welcome to this brand new module! Here I'll try to teach you all the ins and outs of Consulting. Enjoy!

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§C.0 Introduction


Quick overview of this module, and we'll make a start with consulting.

§C.1 Consulting Masterplan


Before making any business decision or do anything, you should make a plan first. Lucky for you I already made the plan. Now let's go over it together.

§C.2 Positioning


Before you start consulting you have no idea of what the market looks like and you'll probably think there's not a lot of costumers.

This is a beginners mistake, pick a niche and own it!

§C.3 Storytelling


Positioning is not everything, you still need to sell it. Find an amazing backstory to make the clients come running for your hours!

§C.4 How to become an expert, fast


Of course, you need to consult on something. So you should sound and pretty much be, an expert. Learn how to become one, fast.

§C.5 Channels


The hardest thing about consulting is not being the expert, but get people that will believe you're the expert.

I'll explain 3 channels (that I use) that are great to find as many clients as you would like!

§C.6 Closing


Finding clients is one thing. Then you still have close them. It is not easy to make startup founders make decisions. Especially since you're not cheap. Learn the best 'Suits style' closing techniques.

§C.7 Practicalities


Growing is learning, people say. To become a great consultant you will have to walk into as many problems as possible. Luckily for you I've encountered a few myself. Here I will explain the most basic practicalities you will encounter when you will actually start being a consultant.