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*** Before we commence with the festivities, I wanted to get the awkward part over with first: you probably don't know me, and you're like "Who the fuck IS this dude?"


Probably you have never heard of me before.
I’m a marketing nobody.

Worse yet… I have no hyperbole claims and get-rich-quick to grab your attention here…

- No flashy auto-playing video to capture your attention, while I'm marching around a whiteboard in my NYC penthouse, making gestures even bigger than the mollah I'm making.

- No quick tactical “blueprint” to unlimited free traffic that works for everyone (even my grandma used this “weird little trick”, and made 837.46 per hour working from home!!)

- Not even a juicy listicle with the 79 best growth hacks “that elite growth hackers don’t want you to know about…”

Nothing of that.

But there’s one thing that might pique your interest…

Despite my obvious flaws as a marketer,
I manage to do just fine for myself.

Two years ago I wanted to figure out if “growth hacking” is just voodoo science, or something substantial.

So I set myself a target to earn $200k over the course of 2 year, selling myself as a “growth hacker” (you know where this ends up, lol…)

Here’s what I was able to achieve…

1. I helped one company build a “growth engine” for the travel industry. They got acquired by a much bigger player a few months after.

2. A London-based enterprise SaaS startup hired me as a growth consultant, then raised their Series A of ~£1.5MM a few months later. Nice job!

3. Took a Dutch startup from about €50/month in revenue, to over 5,000 paying customers. All recurring revenue.

I went from “delusional college dropout” to running 2 successful businesses, bringing in roughly my $200,000.00 target...

I kid you not.

So what's the secret?

All successful startups nowadays use growth loops to grow.

We still get all the gurus talking about power editors, or SEO meta tags, and event trackers and javascript, and all sorts of other technical hoopla... but that's just not how it works anymore.

You don’t need any of that.

Growing a startup is not about tactics and hacks.
It’s not about loopholes or tricks.

It’s not about power editor, or fancy A/B testing software, or meta tags or whatever complicated crap they cook up next…

It’s about systems...

Hacks don’t drive growth.
Systems do.

You need just 3 things:

  1. System-thinking :: Strategy. Not tactics
  2. A growth loop that fits your business
  3. High-tempo testing

That’s it.

And boy, I’d love to tell you that those concepts are complicated… but the truth is that they’re not complicated.

So for God’s sake, stop worrying about the technical stuff. Forget about which landing page software you should use. Screw “how much blog posts should I write?” (answer: probably none).

It’s about setting up the right systems.
That’s where the “magic happens”. Not in the tactics.

What you end up with, is something that looks quite like this...



Here's my promise to you...

In the next couple weeks, I'll help you fully understand how growth marketing works. In a systematic way.

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