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The Traction System

In this module we'll discuss the Traction System.

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§1.1 Introduction


Quick overview of this module, plus the basic terminology we'll be using...

§1.2 Core Constraints


This is step one of the Traction System. Identify the core constraints of your product and business. Only if you truly understand this, you'll be able to make an unbiased and certain decision about your acquisition channel.

§1.3 Consider All Options


Get rid of your biases about certain acquisition channels. With our complete list of channels, you'll be able to consider all the possible options that the marketing world has to offer. Find the best channels that are tailored for your business and fit within your context.

§1.4 Prioritise


Now that you've considered all options and created a list of channels for your business, it's time to take the pencil and start prioritising. Which one will drive 80% of all traffic?

§1.5 Lean testing


This is where the real Growth Hacking starts, with testing. We want to validate our assumptions! Gather all the data you can find and check if the promising channels you've come up with actually drive the results that you're looking for.

§1.6 Getting to Profitability


Now that you know which channel works for your business, it's time that you'll use it properly. Start tweaking untill you pay the price you want to pay and reach the safe zone of profitability. You've reached a milestone if you're finished here! Good luck.

§1.7 Scaling Up


You've made it, you've picked a channel, optimised it and reached profitability. Now it's time for the fun work, scaling up! We'll discuss some extra tips and tricks so you can scale up safely and pump up all the oil you can get.


§1.8 Case Studies

Two case studies to show you some "real life" examples of the Traction System. First up Growthcasts followed by Radiantly Alive, a yoga studio in Bali.