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In this module we'll discuss on of the most powerful skills for entrepreneurs, copywriting

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§2.1 Introduction


Quick overview of this module about copywriting. Find out why copywriting is indeed a valuable skill for all entrepreneurs.

§2.2 Their Perspectice


One of the most valuable skills in business, and maybe in life. Putting yourself in someone else his/her shoes. By understanding the perspective of your customers, you can truly speak to them and communicate your core product value!

§2.3 Add a Problem Statement


The first of 4 hacks on copywriting. By adding a problem statement to all your communications, you quickly set the stage for your solution. 

§2.4 Benefits vs. Features


If you can distinguish between benefits and features, you can start understanding the way your customers perceive the world around them. This is different then your world, which is less obvious than it seems. 

§2.5 Peeling the Onion


You can find multiple layers in the solutions you can provide for your customers. Find all of them and use them together to formulate your perfect benefits directly 'into the feels' of your customers.

§2.6 Power Words


How extraordinary amazing that you've survived all the mind-blowing epiphanies so far. This episode is about adding emotion to your stories by the use of so-called power words. Don't forget, you don't buy stuff that just doesn't feel right.

§2.7 Swipe Files


Learn from the masters. Just start with 'stealing' the good stuff before you start innovating yourself.


§2.8 Case Studies

Two copywriting case studies. First up we'll discuss the Growthcasts emails that you've received as part of the email course. And then we'll do a teardown of the FB ads for Radiantly Alive.