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This module is about the strategy of startups. The choices and priorities a startups should take are entirely different from the strategic choices enterprises face. Learn how to make your own reliable roadmap and to see your business as an experiment rather than a company.

Check out our videos and use the content we provide. There's also a written guide which serves as a summary of all the videos.

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§3.1 Advanced Lean Startup


Building further upon the Lean Startup by Eric Ries. But without the fancy terminology and with actual actionable plans and strategy. See your business as an experiment that you can really execute!

§3.2 Startup Plan


Everyone's bashing on business models. But they're right, why paint a business model canvas if you need an actionable and reliable plan. Order your priorities and write your own Startup Plan.

§3.3 Risk Roadmaps


Planning the future is never an easy task. That's why we take it one step further and change your perspective on how to see a startup. By identifying the risks your Startup Plan encounters, you can shape a reliable and workable roadmap, with real priorities on the map.

§3.4 Market Risk


This is the first and arguably the most important bucket of risks. Does your product really solve your customers problem? Better to find out before you start investing!

§3.5 Product Risk


The bucket of risks that's most straight forward. Can you actually build what you're promising. Find out in a systematic and reliable way!

§3.6 Channels Risk


A group of risks that's very underestimated. It's not true that a great product sells itself. If you can't reach your customers cost effectively, you're business won't make it.

§3.7 Ignition Risk


This episode is pretty specific. Most startups will not endure any of the risks we speak about.

It's an important episode if your startup relies on the following:

  • Marketplace Dynamics
  • Heavy Funding
  • High Networking Effects

§3.8 MVPs


The Minimal Viable Product is more than just a scrappy version of your product. Use this tool to test all your risks and eliminate them untill you reach P/M-fit.

§ 3.9 Final Roadmap


Make your final, reliable and working roadmap. Prioritise your risks and eliminate them one by one.


§3.10 Case Studies

Two videos with 3 case studies, first up Growthcasts, then Radiantly Alive, followed by another project I'm working on called Leansites.