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Facebook Ad Engine


Facebook Ads

In this module we share with you the secret of Facebook Ads. By building a full functioning growth engine, you will be able to conquere Mt. Zuckerberg and generate tremendous growth.

Check out our videos and use the content we provide. There's also a written guide which serves as a summary of all the videos.

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§4.1 Intro: The Meta Blueprint


This module is in fact a blueprint for any B2C Growth Engine. Use the Facebook example as a meta blueprint for all you future engines!

§4.2 Core Constraints


Before investing time and money, you should first consider the constraints of the channel you're choosing and of your own company. Will they level out?

§4.3 Strategy and Structure


Understand the structure of a Facebook Ad Engine, so you can see if it's fits with your business. Is it the right strategic choice?

§4.4 Advertising Copywriting


Of course if you want to run ads, you have to write them. With a few tricks you can do well enough. Certainly until you're be big enough that an ad agency makes sense.

§4.5 A/B Testing


We've found a fun and highly effective way to test  your ads. Test everything from headlines, landing pages, ad texts, audiences, pictures, videos and that all at the same time!

§4.6 Getting to Profitability


This is the hard task. Do some basic math, then start testing, testing, testing! Stay creative and work hard, and remember if you're there, you've made it!

§4.7 Scaling


You've made it. The engine stands and it's time to get as much as possible out if it. There are some last tips and tricks how you can safely scale up and reliably grow your business.