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Lead Generation Engine


Lead Gen

The 600 lbs Gorilla of Growth, the Lead Gen Engine. This B2B Growth Engine is one of the most powerful Growth Hacks out there. Reach everyone you want, it's super cheap, easy and extremely powerful. Again this engine is a blueprint for other engines likewise.

Check out our videos and use the content we provide. There's also a written guide which serves as a summary of all the videos.

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§5.1 The Blueprint


This time we're discussing a B2B engine. The Lead Gen Engine. Again this is a blueprint of many B2B engines. 

§5.2 SPAM Law


Before we start with this module we have to discuss the law. Because this engine is build upon outbound outreach, you have to behave according to the SPAM Laws. Also just don't be a dick.

§5.3 Finding the Source


The first step in the process. And you'll feel like a kid in a candy store. Just think of your most perfect customers, then find where they hang out and check if you can extract their data.

§5.4 Data Scraping


This is a technical episode. Extracting data from your source can be pretty easy. NO CODING REQUIRED. Check out the tips and tricks we have provided and start scraping!

§5.5 Finding Anyone's Email


This is a straight on Growth Hack. If you have the basic data of your perfect audience, load it in and voila, Norbert gives you their email address. Isn't that amazing?

§5.6 Outbound Outreach


Now the work starts. We have a list of the perfect customers. With some systematic outreach, in the end, people will convert.

§5.7 Outsourcing and Automation


If everything is setup, most of the fun is gone. Find way to automate the process and outsource your tasks to cheaper people. Stop unemployment!


§5.8 Case Studies

Three case studies all touch on different scraping tactics.