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Hypnotic Sales Funnels


A Sales Funnel

Websites are for losers. Today's online selling needs a more systematic approach then putting up a simple website. By designing a flow from channel to sale, you can test every step, optimise conversions along the way and build a system that grows your business in a scalable way.

Check out our videos and use the content we provide. There's also a written guide which serves as a summary of all the videos.

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§6.1 Sales Funnels: Intro


The importance of a Sales Funnel is incontestable. Find out what it is all about and see how a Sales Funnel can fit in your business!

§6.2 The Process


The process of building a Sales Funnel is applicable in all sorts of businesses. What kind of steps do you need to build a successful funnel? How do you measure your progress and how do you actually build one?

§6.3 Webinar Funnel


The first template and an online marketing classic. All the marketing gurus use webinars to educate and make their customers enthousiastic about their products and services.

§6.4 Email Course Funnel


A great way to convert leads by giving away free content to build trust and show what you have in store. Probably you came here through an email course yourself! 

§6.5 Product Demo Funnel


This is a funnel that works great if you have a sales team. Show people the beneficiaries of your product so they can't not buy it.

§6.6 Freemium Funnel


The funnel that heroine dealers use. Get your customers addicted to the free stuff and let them pay when they want more!

§6.7 Invitation or VIP Funnel


Treat your customer like a king. This is a great funnel for early stage startups and dedicated products. Why wouldn't you?

§6.8 The Sales Funnel Architect


Now that you've seen five different templates, it's time that you start executing. Design your own funnel and test the conversions on the way. Now it's time that you start selling!


§6.9 Case Studies

We'll first look at the most obvious sales funnel, Growthcasts. This is probably the easiest most bare-bone example I can give you. Then we'll have a look at Radiantly Alive, which has a much longer and more complicated sales funnel.