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Your job isn't done when you make a sale. To ensure your customers enjoy your core product value, you should take them by the hand and show how to get the most out of your product. By ensuring happy customers, you will automatically have a free sales force of users telling their friends about your product. This is one of the most important factors of your product.

Check out our videos and use the content we provide. There's also a written guide which serves as a summary of all the videos.

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§7.1 Intro: 50%


50% of your development costs should go to onboarding. This highlights the importance, check out the episode to find out why!

§7.2 Magic Moments Map


Map the road that your users follow through your product. Highlight all the places where you can show your core product value!

§7.3 Friction and Confusion


The bad guys of onboarding. You want to avoid these guys wherever you can. Find out how!

§7.4 NUX


When new users enter your product they are like children. Take them by the hand and show all the great things you have in store for them!

§7.5 Blank States


The writer's block, one to really avoid. Sometimes it's not that obvious as you thought to start with your product.

§7.6 Interface Enhancements


There are lots of small tricks to help your customers around. Tooltips, guided tours, hotspots, all small tweaks in your interface to let everything work smoothly!

§7.7 Drip Campaign and Email


Staying top of mind is extremely important and cause a hugh drive in retention rates. The best way to keep their attention is to keep emailing them. Don't worry they will only appreciate!

§7.8 Retargeting


A more creepy way to keep top of mind. Pop-up everywhere they go online. They'll think you're a major player without spending to much.

§ 7.9 VIP Onboarding


You should always treat your customers well, but what works even better is to treat them really well. Give them help with everything. It will cost you time, but you will create thousands of ambassadors of your brand. It's free marketing by being very nice.

§7.10 Webinars and Training


You can take VIP onboarding one step further. By automating your customer service and building a knowledge base and training flows, you'll help your customers get your product value and understand the advanced features. A scalable way to make your customers addicted power users.


§7.11 Case Studies

There is a lot of information online to see how big companies do their onboarding. So no shortage of examples there.

That is why in these two case studies we'll go through the process of setting up your own onboarding when there are no good examples you can follow.

We'll first look at it for Growthcasts and then for Leansites.